Bush Poet’s Breakfast

Flock on up to the Rosto Festival of the Fleeces Bush Poet’s Breakfast in Merriwa on Sunday 12 June 2016! Australian Bush Poetry Champion Robyn Sykes will be there as a special guest and judge for the poetry competition. Robyn uses her original rhyming verse to bring to life the people and issues of rural Australia. In recent years she has performed in five Australian states, including on King and Norfolk Islands, in the ACT and across the ditch in New Zealand.

The Festival of the Fleeces poetry competition is to encourage local poets to get up and have a go. The event is informal and to have a bit of fun (so don’t be afraid to get up and have a give it your best!).

Those of you wishing to perform, please put your name down at the Poet’s Breakfast. We especially would like to encourage local folk, young people and others who may be reticent about getting up and having a go. You can also register your interest in performing by emailing Upper Hunter Shire Council’s Tourism & Events Coordinator, Jan Sinclair at jsinclair@upperhunter.nsw.gov.au


Competition Rules

  1. As a general rule, recitation/performance is to be encouraged, as an audience is usually more engaged in presentation rather than reading.
  2. Clearly, however, some wordsmiths are not natural performers. So poets are permitted to read their original
  3. People who wish to perform other people’s poems should recite, not read. They should also acknowledge clearly who the author of the poem is.
  4. All poems are to be family-friendly entertainment. Offensive material will not be tolerated.
  5. The MC (Robyn Sykes) is the sole judge and prizes are awarded at the MC’s sole discretion. No discussion will be entered into.
  6. The MC/organising committee retains the right to tweak the rules to ensure the best possible event.


Robyn will also be performing some bush poetry at the Fashions of the Fleece First Night at the Merriwa RSL on Friday 10 June so make sure you book your tickets for this event at Try Booking It using the search words ‘Merriwa Fashions of the Fleece’.  For more information on the Festival visit www.festivalofthefleeces.com.auFOTF Bush Poet Breakfast